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Sunday Fund Raiser - September 9th, 2007
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Ballona Network
11934 W Washington Blvd, #101, Los Angeles, CA 90066
Artist: Christophe Cassidy - Ballona Creek With Your Back to the Creek - Oil Painting on Canvas 18x36
Culver Events Center
11934 West Washington Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90066
A unique chance for you to support Ballona
and acquire art by top local artists
6 - 9 PM
$45 per person
(Dinner, drinks and music)
Free preview of art prior to event: 2 - 5 PM
Art works include sculpture, painting, photography, mixed media, ceramics, prints and digital art.
Many contributing artists participated in an extensive tour of the Ballona Watershed from Franklin Canyon
Canyon to the Ballona Wetlands. They are donating their work in support of a Ballona Watershed greenway vision.
An integral part of this green vision is engaging both the public and elected officials in the challenge of creating an urban network of green trails, streams, and natural places - from the Santa Monica Mountains and the Los Angeles River to the Baldwin Hills, Ballona Creek and Wetlands, and Santa Monica Bay,
while conserving, cleaning and restoring our water.
All contributions are tax-deductible.
Lucy Blake-Elahi
Lois Jean Brower
Maximilian Buschman
Michael Caroff
Christophe Cassidy
Sharon Commins
Preston Craig
Betsy Damon
Judith Davies
Nancie Doughty
June Edmonds
Lori Escalera
Bruria Finkel
Rudy Gardea
Carole Garland
Dona Geib
Barbara Golbin
Linda Gonzales
James Gordon Everett
Holly Hofmann
Channa Horwitz
Lee Jordan
Jake Kauffman
Katherine Kean
Joey Krebs
Francis Longmire
Jean Lowe
Ken Marsh
Sandra Mueller
Margaret Nielsen
Angela Maria Ortiz
Miquel Osuna
Mary-Suzanne Peters
Sheila Pinkel
Annemarie Rawlinson
Robin Roy
Ruth San Pietro
Craig Schoenbaum
Larry Shapiro
Elizabeth Sloan
Carol Steinberg
Marina Tidwell
Joseph "Joe" Veltri
Pat Warner
Roslyn M Wilkins

Please Make Your Reservations Today
CHECK made payable to: Ballona Network
Mail to: Ballona Network, 11934 W. Washington Blvd. #201, Los Angeles, CA 90066.
CHARGE: M/C VISA AMEX  Acct # ________________________ Exp. Date ______
Name on Card ________________________ Billing Address ___________________________
All contributions are tax-deductible. (Ballona Network is a 501c3 Non-Profit Corporation)
CALL Jeanette at 310-721-3512 to make a phone reservation.
Copy and EMAIL this completed form to
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Address ________________________________ City __________________ State ____ Zip _______
Phone (day) ________________ Phone (cell) ________________ Email ______________________
Auction / Dinner Tickets _____ @ $45 per person $________
Contribution $________
Raffle (tickets will be held at door) ____ @ 5 tickets for $25 $________ Total $________________
All proceeds will be used to further the mission of the Ballona Network.
For more information or reservations call Jeanette Vosburg at 310-721-3512.
You can also email questions to Jeanette@SaveBallona.Org
Invitation ***Online Art Gallery*** Price List
Ballona Network
11934 W Washington Blvd, #101, Los Angeles, CA 90066
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