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Parcel/Area Name:
Former USPS Processing Facility Site
Ballona Institute, Del Rey Park Task Force, Sierra Club, Wetlands Action Network
HABITAT VALUE: The location of this property along Ballona Channel offers opportunities for a treatment wetland and/or habitat restoration. The site has no current ecological value.
RECREATIONAL VALUE: The property presents an opportunity to lessen the burden on the heavily used parks of Westchester, West Los Angeles and Culver City. The creation of playing fields for soccer and other sports would greatly expand recreational opportunities for area youth. The stretch along the creek could be used as passive open space for strolling, picnicking and bird-watching. The site's proximity to bus routes and the Ballona Creek bike path would make it easily accessible to area residents.
Ballona Creek Renaissance & Ballona Network
11934 W Washington Blvd, #101, Los Angeles, CA 90066
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