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Ballona Wetlands Areas A, B & C
Audubon, Ballona Ecosystem Education Project (BEEP), Ballona Institute, Ballona Valley Preservation League, Ballona Wetlands Land Trust, Environment California, Friends of Ballona Wetlands, CA Dept. of Fish & Game, MRCA (Mountains Restoration & Conservation Authority), Sierra Club, State Coastal Conservancy, State Lands Commission, Wetlands Action Network
HABITAT VALUE: The State Coastal Conservancy is currently developing a restoration plan for these parcels, now in State ownership. This plan should include restoration of the rarest of local wetland types, coastal saltmarsh, with significant and restored uplands necessary for pollinators and other ecotonal species. The State endangered Belding's savannah sparrow, which is found only salt marsh habitat, depends on the success of the restoration.
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